Open Burning / Permits

The Comox Valley Region District Bylaw 688 –Union Bay Fire Protection Service Regulation addresses open (outdoor) burning within Union Bay. The bylaw provides information on safe burning practices, air quality requirements and burning prohibitions.

For more information about safe burning practices please review the following:

  1. Union Bay Fire Protection Regulation Bylaw 688
    Bylaw 688
  2. Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change BC Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation
    BC Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation – High Smoke Sensitivity Zone
  3. Category 3 open fires (fires that require a burn registration number) Fact Sheet
    Industrial and Resource Management Burning Fact Sheet

   Can I Burn?     

1.  Burning Ban status:
Burning ban:
Category 2 & 3
(incl. yard waste)

2.  Fire Danger Rating:

Fire Danger Rating Low

3.  Apply for Union Bay / Fanny Bay Burning Permit
(April 1 to Oct 31)
Click here for Burning Permit

Click here for Fact Sheet / Q&As: Amendments to the Wildfire Regulation 2023 (pdf)

4. Ensure that the venting conditions are good on the day of burning by calling the Outdoor Burning Hotline
1-855-262-2876 or visit the website 

5.  Use Burning Safety Precautions
Click here for the Open Burning Information Poster

Open Fire Regulations Poster

PermitFire Permits …
When do you need one?

To help the fire department know where burning is taking place, property owners in Union Bay / Fanny Bay wishing to have an outdoor fire during the months of April 1 to Oct 31 are required to submit an online burning permit (see below)

      • Burn permits are free of charge
      • Please allow 3 days for processing
      • Small and confined fires used for cooking foods, including campfires (max size .5m x .5m), beach fires (max size .5m x .5m), grills and barbecues are excluded from this process
      • Permits can also be completed in person at the Union Bay Fire Rescue Hall ( by appointment 250 335 2345)
      • Permits are invalid during Burning Bans

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